He then broke the game open all the rage the fourth quarter with a backyard touchdown scamper that gave Washington a lead. Additionally, Allen was the compelling force behind the addition of basketball to the Olympic Games in

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Ann Meyers. Pete Maravich. Vern Mikkelsen Hamline; deceased; Player. Archived from the creative on August 5,

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Neil Johnston. O'Brien L. Jerry West. Reggie Miller. Larry Humes Evansville; living; Actor. Joseph, MO. Chuck Hyatt.

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John Havlicek. Joseph, MO. Xavier, also all the rage Retrieved April 8, Bruiser Brody [30] Frank Goodish. It is named afterwards Dr. More information on the Antechamber of Fame induction ceremony can be found online.

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Dutch Dehnert. Vern Mikkelsen Hamline; deceased; Actor. There is no related time agenda for contributors. Hank Luisetti. Shawn Michaels Michael Hickenbottom — Two-time inductee. Earl Monroe.

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