Jackson Rancheria Casino. Location Susanville, CA.

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By and large the room is very open after that spacious which makes for a affluent playing environment. You can earn comps while playing through the Winners Alliance rewards program, on top of this you'll also be served cocktails after that food at the table. The acreage also does a decent job of offering tournaments in variants other than NLHE, with the added attraction so as to the fields have the reputation designed for being soft. Somewhere different!

Softest Poker - 918222

You can also get cocktails while you play at the table. Casino Alliance. You'll get called down on a good number hands so don't expect to blag in this low limit holdem amusement. Jackpots and bonuses are also accessible. If you are playing in coin games, you'll find them easier arrange weekends with mostly regulars covering the tables during the week. They additionally offer some bonuses to keep you coming back. This may seem a little too basic, but Las Vegas is really hot in the summer. Since then I have played an event about once every two before three years and have repeated the complete lack of success from my debut.


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